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As you guys know, I was a victim of sexual abuse as a child. So when I hear about someone going through a similar situation it really gets me fired up. What’s worse is when people know it’s happening but won’t stop it. The following is a story about what’s happening to my friend’s son “CD” . His mother has been a good friend to me and I when I read this story I nearly cried. Please do whatever you can to help by visiting the following website:

Here’s CD’s story…

"CD" has lived with me in California his whole life where we have created a modest, upstanding life for ourselves. My husband is a stay at home Dad and I work in Sales. We have 2 other boys, making "CD" the oldest of 3. 

A few years ago my son, “CD”, went to his court ordered visitation with his biological father in another state. Upon his arrival he was introduced to the rest of the family – step mother “S”, half-brother “CB”, and half-sister “N”. “CD” and “CB” (because of the closeness in their ages) hit it off instantly and “CD” thought the vacations were going to be fun. The bullying from “CB” didn’t start right away, but escalated quickly. After one vacation “CD” had returned home with a bite mark on his back that had bruised. When I asked what happened he explained that “CB” got upset with him and bit him. We took “CD” to the doctor – who wrote a letter explaining that 8 year olds should not be acting like this. Another vacation “CD” came home with a scab on the back of his head. Again, when I asked what happened he explained that “CB” jumped from on top of a TV stand and landed on his head with his teeth. In 2008, “CD” came home with unusual bruises on his back upper thigh. This time when I asked what happened he explained that he had been spanked with a belt and wooden spoon. We went directly to the doctor again, who filed a CPS report. The report came back as “insufficient findings” because the other family lived out of state and only communicated with CPS via telephone. This seemed to have spurred on the excessive bullying from “CB”. In 2010, I received an email explaining that “CD” had wet his pants 5 times within the first two weeks of his vacation (highly unusual since “CD” had never done something like that at home). When I asked “CD” about it he explained that he didn’t like “CB” and was scared of him. He went on to explain that when he brought that up to “S” – she washed his mouth out with soap explaining “you don’t say mean things about your brother!” In 2012, “CD” came home and explained that “CB” had grabbed his penis – hard – and called him a “son of a b****.” Another time during the same visit, “CB” pulled his own penis out of his pants and chased “CD” around so he could pee on him. “CB” has crawled into bed with “CD” and pulled his pants down and laid on his stomach while facing his feet. “CD” explained many times that he did not want to be around “CB” anymore; how CB torments and bullies “CD”, how CB blames “CD” for things he didn’t do to get “CD” in trouble. 

This last visit was especially difficult to listen to. It was explained to me like this: the three children, “CD”, “CB”, and “N”, were in the garage and “CD” was looking for wheels for an electric scooter. “CB” found a bottle of window cleaner and “jokingly” said he was going to spray it in “CD’s” face. A few seconds later “CB” pressed the button and sprayed “CD” in the eye. “CD” went running inside to wash his eye while “CB” got scolded for “almost blinding “CD”.” A few days later, “CD” was jumping on the trampoline and started getting chased by “CB”. Once “CB” caught up to “CD” he began pulling his pants and underwear down. Once his pants were down CB tackled “CD” to the mat of the trampoline and pinned him down with his knees. Then from behind, “CB” shoved his hand down and grabbed his testicles. He told “S” who did nothing. “CD” has explained that “CB” will be playing with him and pull his own pants down and continue playing with his pants and underwear down around his ankles. 

The list of incidents is much longer than this - but honestly the thought of this happening to my son makes my stomach turn and my blood boil.  

When the boys were younger I thought this was a phase that little boys go through.  I thought it was a jealous boy (CB) acting out.  It is clear  now, as they have gotten older, that “CB” hasn’t been taught that this type of behavior should have stopped.  He is too old to be treating “CD” or anyone this way.  It is time for it to stop.

Upon finding out these details we sought the help of our attorney. I go to work every day and make enough money to support our family – with very little extra. The retainer fee is $2,500. Nothing more can be done until the retainer is paid in full. The next scheduled vacation is during the Christmas holiday and I am scared I will not have the money to stop it from happening. CD is a smart, funny, loveable kid. He does not deserve to be tormented and assaulted by this other little boy. 

Please help.

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